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This is how My Wander Kids was born

This is how My Wander Kids was born

It all started thanks to a second baby who came stomping. At 7 months she was already crawling everywhere...

My first daughter spent a lot of leggings, between her being too short and her breaking them, we didn't earn enough money at home to help her drag and crawl. She crawled for 3 months and after a year she started crawling, another three months

But with the second baby it was impossible, because I couldn't stay at home anymore so he wouldn't scratch his knees or ruin some daily tights.

So a neighbor lent me old pants made of a resistant fabric that her 3 children had used and I used them DAILY... I went out to the park with water, diapers and the pants.

Three months later I lost my job and decided to make these dungarees but with beautiful prints and very practical elements for daily use with the simple objective of making other mothers aware of this very practical essential garment with babies between 6 and 18 months .

I made 5 different bibs until I found the most comfortable and adaptable pattern and model for the baby's development until she walks without falling to the ground.

So I had the most important thing done, now I just had to create!

But… doing this alone isn't as exciting and I needed someone to help me move forward quickly and well. Fate took care of the rest and I found the person who was 300% involved in the project, understood the usefulness of the product and, on top of that, has an aesthetic sense that I don't have.

Binomial. Equipment. Mutual motivation. Shared happiness and eagerness to launch ourselves into the world of online sales.


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