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Babyzen Yoyo +, the best stroller in the world

As I already mentioned in another post, many mistakes are made as a first timer, such as buying the mega baby chair. It is true that with the first baby it is wonderful. But I got pregnant 11 months after Trianita was born and I had a terrible pregnancy, with vomiting and back pain. Well, in the sixth month she couldn't handle the chair she had bought. I couldn't fold it or put it in the trunk. So one day I had a fit and bought THE PERFECT CHAIR in 15 minutes through the El Corte Inglés website. A decision he should have made a long time ago.

For months I wanted to change to a stroller but indecision got the better of me. It was between the famous MacLaren Quest and one that had been recommended to me, which was called Babyzen Yoyo. The MacLaren reclined completely and I loved that because Trianita's naps were better lying down at 100%. But on the other hand, she was still heavy and taking up a lot. I finally opted for the Babyzen Yoy.

Babyzen Yoyo como si fuera un bolso

I've had it for almost two and a half years now, I use it every day and it's the most comfortable and light thing in the world. How many of you put the chair in when the trunk is already fully loaded when you go on a trip? I do! It's always the last thing to put in! And it is that it bends so much, so much, that once they even thought it was my bag! because it has a handle to carry it over the shoulder.


When my second baby was born, my friends gave me the "carrycot" of the Yoyo, which now goes from family to family because many of them have bought it too. I could go anywhere with the baby and the stroller, fold it, lift it, hang it with the baby in my arms...


A year later I bought the skateboard with a seat that they made especially for the chair. The two took turns and everyone was so happy.

Well, a few days ago, when I no longer thought that I could improve anything in the car, I went to Madrid on the Ave, but the skid bothered me when I walked, so I ingeniously hooked it to the hood. Hey!... perfect (lol...)

no se ve el patín...está recogido con la tela de la capota jeje

The other day we went out without a skate and Trianita got tired of walking. I can't hold much of her in her arms anymore because she weighs 16kg... so I told Alvarito to make a hole for her in her seat and that's how the two of them sat on the chair.

Oops! I almost forgot. VERY IMPORTANT: compared to other chairs, the circular handle is handled with one hand, so with the other you can either talk on the mobile, or pick something up, or put it in your pocket (hehehe). Much appreciated! And this handle folds (to fold the chair), but I have discovered another use for it! Trianita can carry the car by grabbing the chassis. So she walks her brother with her handle tailored to her:))))

Seriously, I never thought there was such a comfortable chair. So much so that it is no longer a "roll" to go out there with the chair. My friends tell me that I look like a Babyzen commercial :) (I clarify that I am


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