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reality shock

Reality Crash

We all know that society has changed, men are now a fundamental part of the family, they help a lot, they are involved in education, they take maternity leave and combine it with a professional career.

But what I have realized is that women, who previously did not have such highly developed professional careers because they were more dedicated to the family and the organization of the house, for several decades have been encouraged to train at the same level or more than men, to be able to compete in the market like them.

What happened to this? That I, personally, suffered an impact when I became a mother. I explain it; Both my friends and I have studied a degree, which we have combined with languages ​​and masters in the best schools. Our ambition was fueled as we grew in our jobs. I wanted to have a managerial position, I wanted to be part of the best digital companies in the world... and when I gave birth, my aspirations vanished suddenly. I realized that it was very difficult, or almost impossible, to reconcile these two things. Suddenly there was a being who depended on me, who did things every day that he didn't want to miss. How hard it was to get up and not be able to give him his first vegetable puree... or miss small advances he was making because I was in the office...

On the other hand, I wanted to continue having successes in my position, and it motivated me, of course, but there would come a time when I wanted to go home so I could play with her for a while, bathe her, etc… and that , at least in Madrid, is very difficult to get. I say Madrid because the distances are longer, the hours longer… I had never had a job where I left before 8pm, but when I got to El Corte Inglés, I was able to leave at 6pm, which was very good. Although the perfect thing would be to be able to leave at 5 pm to pick up the children at school.

I admire companies like Iberdrola, which make days super compatible with motherhood, and not only that, but also being able to enjoy the afternoons, go shopping at the supermarket, play sports during the day, to go to a doctor without having to ask for proof and many other things.

What I wanted to share with this post is that no one prepares us or informs us of what we are going to feel when giving birth, that shock with the reality that we lived, accelerated with work, plans, etc. No one tells us that it can be frustrating at first, but that it will be worth it. It is as if we were running the 100 meter dash, and when you are about to reach the finish line, they put up a fence and you crash into it. Then you jump over it and you get it, but at the start we didn't see it.

And how happy I am to have slowed down, to enjoy, watch, play, pamper…


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