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Go to sleep in a good mood

The other day, unmotivated and with a terrible feeling of helplessness (without dramatizing…lol) for having finished the last series I was watching, I opened the Movistar+ Menu aimlessly and without hope to see if I could find something. The series that had ended was Revenge -yes, I say this shamelessly-, a kind of Falcon Crest but hooking, What are you going to do…. The fact is that, although I have a longer list than the month's purchase of recommendations from friends... I began to gossip the grill in search of something that would hook me again. And there I was command in hand when I found myself face to face with “Look what you've done”. In the image, a couple lying on the bed with a baby lying across it and with Berto Romero as the protagonist and creator. Then I remembered a book by Berto that a very good friend lent me when we were going to be parents of the first baby, which was dedicated to the father: Father , the last monkey. It was great! The vision of fatherhood from the father's point of view. The series is priceless. At the moment there is a season of 6 very short chapters that you know little about because in the first 5 minutes you already want to see the entire series. It's hilarious and provides a super realistic and brutal vision of what the first months of motherhood are like: the fact that everyone thinks about what happens to your baby when he cries, that you go crazy looking for the perfect little trick so that fall asleep, which nursery to choose... the world of endless number of scenes that have happened to almost all of us, but with a touch of humor that made me cry with laughter. Who has not gone half crazy with the temperature of the room? Or the layers that must be put on a newborn at birth? Or touching a breast to know which one you get in the next take... very realistic. Things that people don't really realize about motherhood. It is true that the normal thing is that not all the circumstances come together, but hence the touch of humor and exaggeration. If not, it wouldn't be a TV series. I recommend it to everyone, but many new parents will totally relate.

Take breastfeeding privately

Use our nursing covers when you are in public, and prepare for the feed without complicating yourself. You will not go out without the scarf.

No one told you you're going to need it...we're doing you a favor

From 6 months, children spend a lot of time on the ground to exert strength in the neck, arms and legs, preparing for crawling. Put the CRAWLING PANTS over his clothes so he doesn't damage his clothes or hurt his knees.


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