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my wander kids

My Wander Kids

A short time ago we brought to light My Wander Kids, a brand with a happy, fun and unique spirit, very much ours.

From the beginning we have explained how My Wander Kids was born: with the need of a mother to have an all-terrain garment so that her son could develop his freedom of movement, wherever he went and without staining or spoil your clothes. We set out to make some bibs that would serve this purpose, given that in the market we did not find an alternative that would fit us, there are other stores and other brands of pants for crawling, here and outside of Spain: pants, bibs, with knee pads, without them, with feet, without feet, with a fixed strap, without it…. We have never claimed patents or ideas, we are not the first, nor will we be the last. We believe in a market with varied, broad, respectful and fair competition. That is why we conceived an idea, a spirit and a garment. Then let each one choose the one that suits them best.

My Wander Kids, whose claim is “Clothes for Little explorers”, was born with its crawling bibs (theirs, not others) with their own identity with a view to become something else. We will continue trying with the same enthusiasm with which we started trying to fill the lives of the little ones with smiles and not frowns.

Happy Thursday!

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