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Family plan in the María Luisa Park in Seville

Family plan in the María Luisa Park in Seville

This weekend has been typical of a family with babies: on Saturday morning, father and mother taking turns to sleep a little because at night we hadn't slept a wink. The mother covers the first half of the morning and the father the second so that the mother falls asleep for a while hahahaha... it's just that it's very, very typical.

Sunday was simply a perfect day, with capital letters. The children slept great until 9 o'clock, they came to our bed for half an hour to see cartoons. Sunny day but not very hot. Maridin went for churros! Typical Sunday, which also reminds me a lot of my childhood. The four of us have breakfast in pajamas. Important. If on Sunday we don't have breakfast in our pajamas, it's not so Sunday :) Tri wakes up and says “shall we have breakfast in our pajamas, mommy?”

At 11.30, calmly, we went to one of the most beautiful park-monuments in Spain: Maria Luisa Park. Tourists, families, runners, skaters, walkers, etc. gather there.

It is very typical to take the children to the “Parque de las Palomas”, where they sell food packets for €1.50 to feed the pigeons. It is a tradition of many decades and cannot be missed.

Then you walk around the park seeing lots and lots of carriages and little kids freaking out. The noise of the horses' hooves on the ground, the shade of the trees, the happy people. Seriously, walking around there gives peace.

And suddenly you arrive at the Plaza de España, which is in the middle of the park and is simply spectacular. All the provinces of Spain are represented, it has a circular pond where you can rent small boats, and in the center a beautiful fountain.

To finish off the plan with the children, after having taken them to the typical park pottery, we took some bikes that are in front of the Plaza de España where the babies go ahead holding on. We bought them a bag of worms so they moved less lol. The company is called and it costs €12 for half an hour for 4.

At 1:30 p.m. we took the car and went to eat on a terrace with friends. Because such a sunny and beautiful day had to end with caps in the sun.

sevilla con niños Seville with children
sevilla con niños Seville with children
sevilla con niños Seville with children


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