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Why the dungarees for crawling is the perfect gift


The dungarees from My Wander Kids give babies the freedom to crawl around the park, the house, the garden, the emergency room, -and you know it-, the “kidfriendly” coffee shop on the corner, without hurting your knees and without having to replace new pants or leotards every two weeks.

But the game isn't just for mothers... In My Wander Kids there is a mother and a non-mother, who is the blood and heart aunt of a lot of babies and a friend of mothers to whom she has given things of all kinds: ideal things of course but that are useless, precious little clothes that are too small for her a week, I don't know what they feed babies today but they are born raised already, objects that he didn't even know existed but that the store woman insisted that they would use it to the fullest (already…).

There is also the issue of gift lists, which, always looking out for the good of your friend's mother –and avoiding leaving your money in a bullshit- you ask and intend to comply with full consideration and benevolence –don't ask, don't look him in the eye, just stick to the list-. But, the truth is, I prefer to work on it a bit, I like the surprise factor, the detail, the risk and I prefer to give a gift that makes me happy me too.

Our overalls have the practical factor, they are durable, inheritable and above all they are very cute, with a current, fun and ideal design so that they can continue taking “Instagrammable” photos of their babies . Because they are a battle garment but pretty pretty.

Ah! And follow us on Instagram that soon there will be more surprises! @mywanderkids.

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