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A Bad Day: Dinner Hysteria

Yesterday I woke up without practically sleeping. Álvarito has been waking up crying for a while and wakes up his sister. Then we have the night assured. Trianita had a tantrum at 130 in the morning, inconsolable and they both woke up. Maridin had the crazy idea (which turned out not to be so crazy) to put her in the car at 2am for a ride to distract her from her tantrum. She came back super quiet and fell asleep. I could not believe it. But the child kept crying until 4am. He only cried every 15 minutes and kept going "shhhh" hahaha... even so, we didn't sleep a wink.

When I woke up, again… Tri didn't want to eat breakfast or get dressed. I feel as if I had made a blank night out wanting to make a smoke bomb...

When I got back from school, I put on a coffee and wanted to work. Tears fell from sleep. I couldn't, but I didn't want to go to bed and waste the morning either, so I started painting a vine that I bought 5 months ago and I hadn't gotten ahold of it! lol…

I spent the morning as best I could and at nap time I fell exhausted. I gathered strength and for the park. But at night, Tri (who ends up dead from school), hit her because she didn't want to have dinner. There was no way... and of course I continued without much strength, I didn't know what to do. He spilled the pasta, almost spilled the milk, without stopping crying and infecting Alvarito with tears. It was hard for me to finish the day, in fact, I had a huge pain in the pit of my stomach, which I took away by shedding a few tears after going to bed.

I didn't know what to do. Dinner time made me choke more and more, because there are almost always tantrums, so after crying a little to get rid of the stomach pain, I decided that I was going to make a super simple menu with things that they like to eat, so that That moment neither distressed me nor them. Below I put the result.

For me it is very important to tell it, talk to my friends and ask for advice, things that work for them and based on that find the solution that works best for me. In this case, I spoke with Ana, a friend who has 4 children, and she told me “Tri, put on a simple menu and enjoy dinner. They will be eating vegetables little by little”. I did so.

Thank you Anna!


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