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When I grow up I want...

When I grow up I want to..

When I grow up I want to be a pilot, a doctor, an archaeologist, an architect… how many times have we changed our minds (like a shirt). as far as our future is concerned? When we were little they taught us back in the 80s, in our case as born at the beginning of La Movida, that we could be whatever we set out to be.

We wanted to study and we opted for Advertising and Public Relations, either by vocation or because that day he touched that shirt. We wanted to work in an agency and wherever we went, we wanted to work as a client and that's what we did, always with the ghost of wanting more and aspiring to more, always more. It will be because we were born in the eighties, it will be because we were born women, it will be because we are like that…

However, we weren't prepared for the barrage of contradictions, mishaps, and other setbacks once we got older.

After a parallel working life, each one with her own thing and each crazy person with his theme , due to things in life, we both ended up displaced. We had to choose to leave our jobs, our house, our neighborhood, our routine, to continue to accompany the conjugal destiny. We packed our bags, each one her own, and one went to Seville y olé and the other to Fuerteventura wow what suffering…

Just like that, relocated, away from our Madrid, away from family, friends, away from everything (one more than another) and each one of us went to work, even though we were far away we continued very close. After four years with deferred lives, both of us are left with more free time, with increasingly sporadic work peaks and with a few more cons.

Conversations about ambition, about wanting, about proposing to do, about I would like, I would love to, I propose, it has occurred to me... they were making a niche in our days, with more and more time, yes, but condemned to the scarce 24 hours a day. And so one day the one from Seville told her idea to the one from Fuerteventura, who said Yes, without conditions, without further ado.

Without having to speak about it, without having to think about it, in a natural way, each one took charge of her plot. We seemed like twins in the way of thinking, in the decisions to make, in the colors to choose... everything flowed alone with a lot of work, many hours, many calls, many whatsapps...

This is how My Wander Kids was born, call it a business idea, call it a product, call it an online store, for us it is emotion, something of ours, pride, doing it ourselves, the master's degree in business, design, SEO , the master of life, if it doesn't work, nothing happens, we will have tried it. For us it was the “I love the most…”

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