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Baby Pacifier

We know that it is very difficult to choose among all the baby pacifier holders that exist. Depending on the months of the baby, you will have to buy a baby pacifier or another. Secure the pacifier with our beautiful baby pacifier holder: with metal clip, cord, groundbreaking, original designs, soft touch... Choose the design that you like the most!

From 0 to 3 months, we use the baby pacifier holder to keep it close and not lose it. It's more for us, since they won't use it. At this stage we recommend any of the catalogue, but braided baby pacifier clips are ideal.

From 3 to 12 months, babies here take everything and everything goes in their mouths. On top of that, the exit of the first teeth is added, with which biting things relieves them. In this case we recommend silicone teether pacifiers.

From 12 to 24 months, at this age they do use the baby's pacifier to hold it and not lose it, so the important thing is that it does not measure more than 22cm and is not shorter so that it reaches the baby's mouth. For this age, any baby pacifier is fine.

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