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My Wander was born in 2017

Natural evolution of a project

Hi, I'm Triana, I was born in 1982 and I've never had an entrepreneurial spirit, but I do love my work.

I am responsible for a Pool and Garden website and before this, I opened together with the rest of the team, the international website of El Corte Inglés, and my specialization is marketplaces (see Amazon-type websites).

So one day, after a loss of maternity, I put my son in pants with suspenders over his clothes because he was crawling like crazy. With this excuse, I decided to create a website to sell crawling pants with cool designs... and make it myself with video tutorials... It was exciting. I still remember the first orders from unknown customers.

A few years have passed and many products have been published, charming customers and a lot of satisfaction.

My goal has always been to do things better every year and have the entire business highly automated.

Although I have imported some things (pure professional intrigue), we already produce everything in Spain and finally we have our own prints.

I say we produce because although I am in charge, I could not live without all of them those who help me (Workshop, RRSS, Logistics Center, Agency, Photographer, Family and friends, etc...)

There was a moment when I thought I couldn't take it anymore... 2 jobs, 3 children... .and I almost threw in the towel. But thanks to all of you, the website was doing so well that I decided to "Grow up", as my friends say. Professionalize and improve everything, including the highly desired internationalization.

So I want to thank you, who year after year make me feel super happy and fulfilled.

I'm here for anything you need :) :)


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