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Small multipurpose baby wipe Nursing, trolley... Green Muslin

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Does your baby shed a lot of milk during or after feedings? Do you go for a ride in the car and have to change the covers and sheets because it stains them with milk? Is his bum wet after cleaning it with the wet wipes and you don't know what to dry it with before putting the diaper on? We have found the solution. We have created a small, elongated, rectangular baby wipe that can be used for everything. The perfect thing is to have 3 for its different uses and to always have one washing. On one side the soft muslin fabric and on the other the terry cloth (towel):

USES OF THE SMALL BABY WIPE: For the crib and/or car: You can put it inside the car or the crib where the pillow will go. In this way, the baby rests his head on a super soft cloth but which in turn will prevent it from staining the sheets. To get rid of gas: You can put it on your shoulder or under your head when you go to get rid of gas. This way, when she pours milk, she will fall there

To dry the baby after the bath: Normally when we take the baby out of the bathtub, we lay him down and dry him. But this towel is a perfect complement, since being small, you take it to dry the folds of the bum, the belly, the legs. We use the part of the curl for the lower areas of the body and the side of the muslin to dry the folds of the neck, the nape, etc... For nasal washes: When we place them on their side to do the nasal wash, we can put the wipe underneath so that the serum falls on it. That way we don't stain the changing table or the sheet. The small baby wipe is ideal to have it inside the organizing basket of baby things. In this basket we have a department with the little textile things: Muslin, bibs and wipes.

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Small multipurpose baby wipe Nursing, trolley... Green Muslin

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